Cinnamon Coffee

Very Low Carb - 21 Day Sugar DetoxDairy Free

137 Calories – 2 Glycemic Load

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This is the recipe exactly how I enjoyed it. I weigh all of my recipes with this food scale for precise measuring.

Standard measurement

  • 1 Cup Coffee, Cold
  • 1/4 Cup Ice
  • 5 TBSP Avocado
  • 2 tsp Cinnamon

Measurement in grams

  • 235 grams Coffee, Cold
  • 57 grams Ice
  • 73 grams Avocado
  • 6 grams Cinnamon

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Comments & Suggestions

This smoothie has a strong cinnamon and coffee bite and is not too creamy.  Also, it contains zero grams of sugar, but if you want you can add a little banana if you absolutely need some sweetness.

Nutrition Data

The following is the nutrition data gathered for this recipe. I use for all of my information. This will give you an idea of how nutritious this recipe is.

Macronutrients in grams

  • 10 grams Carbs
  • 8 grams Fiber
  • 0 grams Sugar
  • 2 grams Protein
  • 11 grams Fat

Vitamins & Minerals (%DV)

  • 11% Vitamin C
  • 21% Vitamin K
  • 17% Riboflavin
  • 10% Niacin
  • 11% Vitamin B6
  • 17% Folate
  • 17% Pantothenic Acid
  • 8% Magnesium
  • 14% Potassium
  • 52% Manganese

Does this recipe sound yummy? 

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    • says

      It really depends on the size. I sometimes get small avocados and sometimes the avocado is almsot twice the size of the small one! Each tablespoon is about 14-15 grams. Do you have a food scale?

      With all that being said… the small avocados are 3 TBSP so I would throw in half of an avocado and blend it all up. If it’s not creamy enough then add a bit more! Starting with a half is safe.

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